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Until the pubs are open again... Everyone welcome

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11-August-2020 at 8:30pmTUESDAY QUIZ - 8:30 to 10. Stream opens 7:30.
18-August-2020 at 8:30pmTUESDAY QUIZ - 8:30 to 10. Stream opens 7:30.

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The Faversham Quiz League

The Faversham Quiz League is a long-established competitive pub league serving Faversham in Kent and the surrounding area.

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About FQL Online

This is an online quiz, but more importantly, it's an online team quiz. In order to soften the impact of social isolation caused by the current situation I wanted to create a quiz that would be a social event.

The idea is this... The Faversham Quiz League has a bunch of teams. Right now the team can't meet in the flesh, but there's nothing wrong with using technology to get together in a virtual sense. How each team wants to assemble is entirely up to them. The team acts collaboratively, supplying a team answer, so they discuss the question between them and one of them supplies an answer.

Until we can welcome you all back to the Market Inn...

All the very best and stay safe,

Ben Slythe (Market B)

How to Sign Up

First, create your account.

You can choose to enter an email address, but this is not required. You will have to click a link on the next page to verify your account. You will also get to choose your team from a list. This matters because this is a team game. If you already play in the FQL your team will be in the system. If you need to create a new team then there's a link from the new user form or click here to add it.

You can disable your account and stop all communications from the site by logging in or clicking the link on the bottom of any email you get from the site. The mail will only be used to contact you about forthcoming events and will never be used if you disable your account.

Upcoming events are listed on this page. Just login above to play.

There may be, probably will be, a need for more people to set questions. No idea how that will work yet.

How to Play

A game will take place every Tuesday night with the first question appearing at 8:30. For details see here. The first game should be on the 28th of April following a test with a shorter quiz on the 21st. This is not the time to begin getting all exclusive about things so, seriously, anyone's welcome and there is already a decent sized database of quizzes in the system, in case people who haven't played before want me to arrange a repeat of one of them.

Before the quiz starts you login here and you'll be taken to a page that shows the quiz information and instructions. For details see here.

It is assumed your team will be in communication during the quiz. Maybe you prefer Skype, Zoom, Facetime or a chat app. Some ideas are here.

Any member of your team can supply the answer, however... The system will only accept the first answer from the team. It only takes one of your team to put in the right answer, you get to choose which is the most efficient way to work together.